What We Do

The Trust was formed in 2001 during a time when Lincoln City FC was not enjoying the best
of fortune both on and off the pitch, in fact to consider what may have happened to the
football club if the Trust had not been formed quite frankly does not bear thinking about.
So now in 2020, with the club flourishing, is the Trust still needed, and what role does it
currently play?
The Trust currently has approximately 620 members, 150 of these are former players, some
of whom can be found in the Fans Zone, on home match days where, under the guidance of
the Former Players Association Chairman and LCFC goalkeeper, Trevor Swinburne, they will
answer your questions about current and historic matters.
The Trust is administered by a Board of Directors, two of whom are also on the boards of
Lincoln City FC Ltd and Lincoln City Holdings Ltd, so the Trust plays a significant role in the
important decisions the club has to make. Directors on the Trust Board serve a term of three
years, would that interest you?
Our two Directors on the Club Boards are Mandi Slater who represents our Gold Members
section and Peter Doyle who represents the remainder of the Trust Supporters. Both
Directors are elected biannually by the members of the Trust.
A third Trust Board Director, Steve Tointon is also a Club Director in his own right.
There is a genuine opportunity for any adult trust member to become a Director on the
Trust Board and the above boards.
Members of the Trust Board also meet monthly with the Club CEO, Liam Scully, who is an
honorary member of the Trust. The meetings have an open agenda and many various issues
are discussed particularly with reference to the improvement of fans match day experience
at the LNER stadium.
The Trust

  • owns in excess of a million shares in Lincoln City Holdings Ltd, an amount soon to
    be increased, and also own shares in Lincoln City FC Ltd.
  • holds a free monthly draw for all members, the prize being a gift vouch for £50 to be spent
    at either of the club shops.
  • an annual free draw for its members, the prize being a free season ticket for the LNER stadium
    for season 2020/2021 or alternatively, reimbursement of the cost of a ticket already purchased
    by the draw winner.
  • produces a free regular online news sheet entitled “Impress” where you can vcatch up on all Trust
    and Club matters. 
  • arranges various functions such as race nights, quiz nights and the recent
    children’s Christmas party arranged in conjunction with LISA.
  • is prepared to support and work with any other Imps fans groups

    Membership of the Trust starts at £5 per year.

You are able to join the Trust via www.redimpstrust.co.uk, or by checking the relevant box
when either renewing or purchasing you season ticket for next season.
Membership fees are used to finance the Trust’s functions and also donated to the football
club itself, a cheque in excess of £10,000.00p will be presented to the Club later this season.
Finally thanks to Selenity who have agreed to sponsor the Trust for this year, which means
membership fees are able to be used positively and not spent on Trust admin costs.
If you have any questions regarding the Red Imps Community Trust or feel like getting
involved, please contact the Trust Secretary, John Wilson at rictsecretary@outlook.com

John Wilson
Secretary | Red Imps Community Trus