Huge thanks go from everyone at the Red Imps Community Trust for the backing our Stacey West Investment Bond project is getting. One element of redeveloping the stand is to provide better facilities for the LIncoln City Foundation. This is a great way of fulfilling our commitment to helping not just our club but our community, which is a big part of our reason for being.  

Another community action we have is to have a charity partner and this year it’s been the British Heart Foundation. We’ve helped the BHF in many ways including by donating funds and helping with and promoting their events.

We mustn’t forget though that our aim is to aid other groups and organisations. Once we complete our role in the Stacey West expansion we will return to people we’ve helped before and approach other causes too.

For now we’d love it if our members and in fact everyone would give some thought to the people we’ve worked with in the recent past. The Sincil Bank Lincoln Rivercare and Litter Picking Group do amazing work and always need volunteer help. Also, the Sincil Bank Area Community (Maze Matters) guys and gals work hard to support the community around the LNER stadium. Have a look at the St Andrews Garden close to the Cross Street entrance for evidence of that. They both have Facebook pages for you to find out more. 

As a board we’ll be resuming our connections with the above people and growing our community actions very soon. With a membership of over 6000 now we’d love it if our members made contact with them too with a view to helping out in ways that work for us all.

Watch out for future RICT community updates and again thank you for your support of our Stacey West Investment Bond scheme.

Rob Bradley