Not long now. After nearly eighteen months of footballing isolation, it’ll soon be time for banter, bellowing, and bouncing when we all get back to the LNER stadium. There’s bound to be a near full house and the atmosphere will be brilliant at kick-off time a week on Saturday.

 The Red Imps Community Trust enters another phase on that day too. After our 20th anniversary last year we’ve done a lot during lockdown to entertain and inform our members and fans generally on top of the huge work the club has done. Matchday polls, on-line interviews, an on-line magazine, work in the local community, support of our charity partner the British Heart Foundation, attending club board meetings, and building up relationships with other fans groups have all been done with great enthusiasm. The RICT board has been enhanced with new people behind the scenes who have asked to help. And there’s our RICT on-line Fans’ Museum up and running now that’s attracting a lot of contributors and visitors.

 This all means nothing though if we don’t get our act together when normality resumes. We now have thousands not hundreds of members. They’ll all be piling into the stadium and we need to be there for them promoting what we do and how we can help. 

 To this end you’ll see our new Red Imps Community Trust ‘station’ in the Fans’ Village at the southern end of the ground. It should be eye-catching and it should add to your home game experience before the action starts. 
 We’ll have freebie RICT badges to give out and ‘Guess the Gate’ competitions. Myself and Mandi Slater, your reps on the club board will be there to hear your views, and we’ll be promoting not just the Trust but most importantly a massive soon-to-be announced project. The BHF guys and Lincoln Uni Sport and Business students will be around as the season progresses and we’ll work hand-in-hand with the Former Players Association, who are part of the Trust, and who will be there too once more. Our Fan of the Season winner Chris Wray is looking to promote Imptoons from our RICT position as well.

 Of course I’m going to say all the above because I passionately want the Trust to be a successful organisation. Running it or just being a member are ways we can bind our support together even more for the good of the club. But the bottom line is we’re all going to be back doing what we love doing – supporting the club and enjoying ourselves. That’s really what it’s all about. So come along and say hello, let’s have some fun, and here’s to the new season with all that lies ahead.