The season is reaching its final days and I’m sure many of us will be reflecting on how it’s gone on and off the pitch. There’ll be those who were hoping for a something of a repeat of the achievements last time round. I think though we’ve seen what a miraculous period that was, and how replicating it as a small club in a big league was always going to be very very difficult.
 Taking a step back once the game on Saturday is over and I think we have to be pleased we’ve maintained again our status at the third tier of English football. Our history shows we’ve not done that too often. We’ve seen some great wins, some superb young players have worn the red and white shirt, and the crowds in terms of numbers and atmosphere have been phenomenal. There’s a lot to be pleased about.
 The Red Imps Community Trust as an organisation won’t be metaphorically lazing on the beach all summer. It’s often busier at a football club in the close season than it is when the action plays out in front of us and we’ll be no different.
 Our Trust reps on the club boards will be attending meetings and carrying out their responsibilities. We are still administering the Stacey West Investment Bond now that a revised scheme is being compiled. In my humble opinion it’s a better one for the club than the first set of proposals and our recent press release describing it can be found at
 The admirable Chris Wray, the Imptoons creator, won the RICT Fan of the Season in 20-21 and we’re looking for nominations for the supporter who went the extra mile (not literally) this season. You can suggest who deserves some recognition for their selfless acts by contacting us at
 Our RICT Bingo Plus nights continue through the year at our main sponsor Tension Twisted Realities venue in town. They take place every Monday night kick off at 7.00pm although cunningly the next one is on 9th May to avoid the Bank holiday. 
 Finally on behalf of RICT a big thank you to everyone at the club and in the stands for supporting our Trust and all we do. Everything at Lincoln City FC is a team effort and more of the same by all of us and we’ll be fine again in season 22-23.