We all welcome new ideas in football that make the game better. It’s no different at Lincoln City where there has been considerable change over the last five or six years.

It also pays though to nod your head to the traditions of the game and, if they’ve stood the test of time, keep them going.

The Lincoln and District Football Supporters Club have existed for decades and were led by admirable people including Vic Withers and Brian Baldam. Their fundraising efforts are legendary and extend into the millions over a long period of time.

The Red Imps Community Trust have a very friendly partnership with remaining Lincoln and District people and, while we have been looking at and introducing new initiatives over the last couple of years, we want to keep things going where they’ve worked in the past and definitely deserve preserving.

Our RICT Bingo Plus nights at the Tension Twisted Realities family entertainment venue in town are a modern restoration of the bingo evenings run by Brian and his colleagues for many years. They take place on the first Monday of every month kicking off at 6.30pm, we have footballing guests including Liam Bridcutt, and attendances are growing.

We now have another partnership action coming up albeit with a slightly different title. The Red Imps Community Trust and Lincoln and District Football Supporters Club Vic Withers Player of the Season on-line poll gets cracking in April. It’s your chance to vote for the player you think has stood out the most in 21-22 and the trophy will be awarded to him before kick-off at our last home fixture of the season.

Also being presented will be the Young Player of the Season with this award being chosen by Michael Appleton.

In true ‘mix the old and the new’ style each trophy will be presented by a Red Imps Community Trust member drawn out of our membership database. The Trust is nothing without its members, our fans, and they are of course the most important people at a football club. We think it’s only right therefore that the process of selecting who our top players as defined by the supporters should culminate in one of them doing the presentation honours. 

We hope you look out for these old traditions continuing into the future and, even better, take part in these modern versions.