This week I take you on a whistle stop tour of all things Red Imps Community Trust. As a fan’s organisation that has representation on the club board, owns a large number of shares, and now has over 6000 members it’s only right we work intelligently and work hard. It’s only right too that we make people aware of what we do, so here goes.
Our Stacey West Investment Bond project burst through the £325K barrier last week. We have pledges that add to that and have people and organisations we’re constantly advising about the scheme, so hopefully we’ll soon be approaching the £400K level and beyond towards our final target.

We recently supported the our charity partner the British Heart Foundation at their excellent event playing the Former Players Association at Lincoln Moorlands. We were match ball sponsor and helped on the day. It was really enjoyable and I can confirm that Simon Yeo is still a damn good footballer!
The University of Lincoln Fan Village is the place to be before home games and I’d like to think our RICT stand makes a good contribution. We have freebie stuff, collectable programmes, and competitions going on as well as our people giving advice about everything we do. 

Our latest RICT Virtual Museum ‘victim’ is record appearance-holder Grant Brown who we interviewed about his career with the club. His interview will go on the site soon and it’s a ‘must see’.

Last week I met with professor Julie Donald and her students at the University who are  starting on projects involving our Trust as part of their Sports Business courses. They will be looking at our challenges and doing surveys and marketing. What they come up with will be very interesting and very useful to us. 
There’s lots more I could cover – our Small Business memberships, our Events and Fundraising Group, our Gold Members scheme, Impress our on-line magazine, our regular media features, and lots more – but space prevents it a little bit. 

Finally I must mention the standing down of our popular chair Peter Doyle who we thank wholeheartedly for his excellent efforts over the years. We now embark on the process of recruiting a new chair who is appropriate for a large and ambitious Supporters Trust and who can lead us to achieve much more than we do already. They Red Imps Community Trust enjoys being part of an impressive Lincoln City family so I’d hope our chair position will be an attractive proposition for the right person.

Rob Bradley’s column reproduced by kind permission of the Lincolnshire Echo