An admission. In the dim and distant pass I’ve done pretty dodgy things at football matches. I’ve shouted stuff or made gestures that weren’t advisable. As a young supporter I’ve once or twice got carried away with the moment and perhaps stepped over the line of what is acceptable.
 I relate all this for one reason. It’s OK to admit things. 
 Working with the Red Imps Community Trust and meeting so many fans so often has highlighted what difficult times we’ve been living in.  There’s been a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic which is far from over and now we’re in the middle of a cost-of-living crisis. The pressures on people simply to live normal lives has become very difficult. Who’d have ever thought an fans’ organisation like ours would have a food bank – the admirable Sincil Foodbank – as a charity partner? For people who can’t afford to eat?
 I’m no expert on the statistics of it all but it appears that many more people are suffering with mental health issues than when life was more calm and collected. Young men especially figure highly amongst people who are struggling to cope. Football provides a huge opportunity for people to gather together and enjoy the social side of supporting your club and watching the game. It’s tragic though that we hear of people we’ve seen apparently happy in a crowd who’ve not coped once they’ve been back on their own.
 Our Trust are looking for our 2023 charity partner and it may well be that we select an organisation that fights the battle against mental health issues. Our members are invited to suggest who this should be.
 It’s clear though that it’s perfectly acceptable to admit you have a problem. It’s essential in fact and an admission is the first thing you should do. Talking things through can have a cathartic effect. 
 Our club does great work to this end through its Team Talk and Andy’s Man Club initiatives and by linking to other organisations that can help too. If you need to make that admission you can do worse than contact Lincoln City Foundation on 01522 563792 and there’ll be people to help.