The Red Imps Community Trust are delighted to announce the continuation of the sponsorship and support from Stewart Millar and Tension Twisted Realities of Lincoln.

Both the Red Imps Community Trust and Tension Twisted Realities have developed a number of very exciting opportunities over the next year as part of this new era of sponsorship so please stay tuned for announcements.

Rob Bradley:

As chair of the Trust I can confirm we have enjoyed our relationship with Stewart Millar and the Tension Twisted Realities team, our main sponsor. Stewart is also of course a valued member of our RICT board. The TTR venue has been home to our monthly Bingo nights for some time and is a venue we hope to us for additional future events. This new two-year arrangement means we can continue our good work together as well as look at new opportunities. Thank you Stewart!

Stewart Millar:

I’ve been pleased with how the partnership has gone over the last couple of years, so I am really happy with agreeing to extend this agreement for another 2 years. We’ve got lots of things in the pipeline that are going to be beneficial for both parties and supporters of Lincoln City Football Club.