Supporter Director(s) are elected to serve on the Board of Directors of Lincoln City Football Club by means of a ballot of:

All Trust members for the position of Supporter Director.

All Trust Gold members for the position of Gold Supporter Director.

1.  Supporter Director and Gold  Supporter Director are required to:

1.1 Abide by the Club’s memorandum and articles of association, and to any regulatory code adopted by the Club.

1.2 Abide by the responsibilities of directors as laid down in the relevant statues, and any regulatory code adopted by the Club.

1.3 Accept the majority vote of the Club board and work on a principle of collective responsibility, whereby all decisions of the Club board properly reached shall be deemed to be Club policy. As such, it is incumbent upon all directors to represent that policy faithfully both in respect of their duties and responsibilities within the Club and to external parties, unless the Club board vote to suspend operation of this policy in a particular matter.

1.4 Not disclose any confidential information to any other person without the prior authority of the Club board of directors.

1.5 Devote sufficient time and attention to the Club to fulfil their duties as a director, including duties as Club duty director on arranged Home match days.

1.6 Attend meetings of the Club board, and not be absent without good reason.

1.7 Not receive remuneration from the Club except re-imbursement of reasonable expenses, including travelling expenses, while conducting business for the benefit of the Club, other than via an open and published remuneration policy operative at the Club or voluntarily agreed to by the current Board. If this is not found acceptable for specific reasonable expenses which are not offered by the Club, the situation is to be reported to the Trust secretary for debate at a Trust board meeting.

1.8 Represent the Club in their dealings with football authorities, local and central government.

1.9 Declare all personal or material interests where there may be a conflict of interests to the Club board. For the avoidance of doubt, a director’s interest shall be deemed to include interests of members of his/her family, or interests of those with whom a director has an existing interest and the interests of the Trust and/or Gold Members.

1.10 Not be subject to a bankruptcy order or have in place a composition with their creditors;

1.11 Not be subject to a disqualification order made under the Company Directors Disqualification Act, 1986;

1.12 Not have a conviction for an indictable offence (other than a spent conviction as defined by The Interpretation Act, 1978;

1.13 Not, in the written opinion of a registered medical practitioner, be certified as being physically or mentally incapable of acting as a director and may remain so for more than three months.

1.14 Not personally profit from a contract entered into by the Club.

2. The following are the provisions required by the Trust of the Club Board:

2.1 To give adequate notice of all Board meetings and ensure that the Supporter Directors are provided with sufficient information to enable him/her to participate on an equal footing with other directors.

2.2 To ensure that the Supporter Directors are entitled to the benefit of any indemnity and/or directors liability insurance enjoyed by other directors through the club.

2.3 Not to unreasonably restrict the Supporter Directors in reporting back to the Trust the deliberations and decisions of the board of directors, and the matters to be discussed at forthcoming meetings of the Club board. This will enable the Supporter Directors to canvass the views of the Trust board and members, subject to the provisions outlined above that are incumbent on all directors.
If provisions 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 are not met then the Supporter Directors are to report the situation to the Trust Secretary for debate at a Trust board meeting.
2.4 Not to unreasonably reject the nominated Supporter Directors and to inform the Trust Secretary of any concerns that the Club Board may have in relation to the appropriatness, attendance or performance of the Trust Supporter Directors.

3.  Other Duties for Supporter Director and Gold Supporter Director.

2.1 To attend Trust Board meetings, Annual General Meetings and Special General Meetings, and not be absent without good reason.
3.2 To attend Fans Forums arranged by the Trust.

3.3 To be available to meet Trust members and fans on ‘home’ match days, except in circumstances where the Club’s duties take precedence.
3.4 To be a member of at least one Trust Committee.

4.  Other Duties for Gold Supporter Director.

To administer the Trust Gold membership by:

4.1   Arranging Gold meetings in conjunction with the Club Football secretary.

4.2   Creating and distributing annual information, including fixture lists, meeting dates and Club boardroom visit booking forms.

4.3   Booking Club boardroom visits.

4.4   Recruiting Gold members.

4.5   Sending out subscription reminders.

4.6   Maintaining members details.

4.7   Informing Gold members of important news items.

4.8   Canvassing Gold members views on important Club and Trust issues when decisions need to be made.

4.9   Maintain regular contact with the Trust Treasurer, Membership Secretary and the Society Secretary to ensure correct membership details are maintained.

4.10 In the event of a change of Gold Supporter Director, to mentor and support the person who is taking on this role.