The season is reaching its final days and I’m sure many of us will be reflecting on how it’s gone on and off the pitch. There’ll be those who were hoping for a something of a repeat of the achievements last time round. I think though we’ve seen what aContinue Reading

We all welcome new ideas in football that make the game better. It’s no different at Lincoln City where there has been considerable change over the last five or six years. It also pays though to nod your head to the traditions of the game and, if they’ve stood theContinue Reading

As elected supporter/director representing our 6000 plus members on the board at Lincoln City I thought I’d use this column this week to describe what I along with Trust colleagues get up to on a match-day.  The first job at home is to load the car up with our FanContinue Reading

The Red Imps Community Trust has, as you may already know, an on-line fans’ museum ( which is getting more and more popular. Exhibits are traditional – programmes, shirts, that sort of thing – or a bit different – a lethal-looking wooden rattle from the 1950s, a gift from MalaysianContinue Reading

A New Year’s story for you. One to test your imagination. Picture if you will a family in a bleak northern town, it’s winter, and times are hard. The little house they live in is damp and has a leaking roof, their car is old and unreliable, and both parentsContinue Reading

‘Tis the season to be jolly’ as the song goes and let’s hope our games over the Christmas period have that effect on us. Whilst we’ve been willing the team to stop a run of defeats to lift the mood a bit a lot of us have had extra reasonContinue Reading

While I helped out behind the scenes at the Lincoln City Women FC match last Sunday and thoroughly enjoyed their FA Cup fightback victory, all the time in the back of my mind was the disappointing Imps exit 24 hours earlier. It’s certainly a testing time at the moment (IContinue Reading

This week I take you on a whistle stop tour of all things Red Imps Community Trust. As a fan’s organisation that has representation on the club board, owns a large number of shares, and now has over 6000 members it’s only right we work intelligently and work hard. It’sContinue Reading

It’s well known now that the Red Imps Community Trust has been leading on the Stacey West Investment Bond project to raise funds towards redeveloping the Stacey West Stand. We’ve been delighted to take this on and at the time of writing this just short of half the £500K targetContinue Reading

A lot of the focus by investors in the Trust-led Stacey West Investment Bond scheme has been on the increase in fans in the stadium. Why not indeed, when the superb atmosphere at our games might be even more electric along with the added potential this gives the club inContinue Reading