Rob’s Column August 2023 No 2

‘Isn’t it ironic?’ sang Alanis Morissette in her aptly titled hit song ‘Ironic’ as she listed a series of bizarre events. Those events were actually examples more of bad fortune than irony, which I suppose in a way is…ironic.  Our Trust experienced an ironic event last Saturday when our attractive

Rob’s Column August 2023 No 1

At last footy’s nearly back – here’s some words for this coming week. Football in earnest is nearly back. The great sporting soap opera of following your club starts with episode one at Bolton on Saturday.  Supporters look upon pre-season matches in different ways. Some fans go to them all

Rob’s Columns for May 2023

Maybe it’s just me but Supporters Trusts sometimes have a bit of a dour image. You know; earnest middle-to-late aged people huddled together discussing serious issues like an increase in burger prices as if the world depended on the outcome. It’s true of course that our Trust bods are involved in

Rob’s Column Omnibus

Catching up on the last few Rob’s Column from the Lincolnshire Echo. Breaking news for you…when it comes to how football is governed in the future, Lincoln City don’t want to reach minimum standards. I’ll let that sink in. They don’t want to do what the newly published football governance

Rob’s First November Column

Courtesy of Lincolnshire Echo The Red Imps Community Trust constantly look to be well run. We regularly carry out examinations of what our aims are and how we achieve them. Having been involved in a few organisations over the years it’s clear this is a worthwhile exercise. In sport or

Rob’s Column – April 2022

We all welcome new ideas in football that make the game better. It’s no different at Lincoln City where there has been considerable change over the last five or six years. It also pays though to nod your head to the traditions of the game and, if they’ve stood the

Rob’s Column – Not Long Now!

 Not long now. After nearly eighteen months of footballing isolation, it’ll soon be time for banter, bellowing, and bouncing when we all get back to the LNER stadium. There’s bound to be a near full house and the atmosphere will be brilliant at kick-off time a week on Saturday.  The