Our brilliant young University of Lincoln student marketing team working for The Trust at the Cambridge fixture – Yumi, Charlotte, Dillon, Sean, James, and Somaiah. Thousands of info flyers and badges distributed amongst Imps fans.Continue Reading

After tonight’s Trust board meeting, we can announce a couple of changes to the make-up of the Trust Board. Sadly, Trevor Swinburne has stepped down from his role of Interim Chair and from his position on the Trust Board. Supporter Director and Trust Board Member Rob Bradley was tonight unanimouslyContinue Reading

The Red Imps Community Trust and Tension Twisted Realities are delight to announce the launch of our RICT BINGO PLUS nights. Doors open at 6.00pm for a 6.30pm start on 7th February for BINGO PLUS at the Tension Twisted Realities Family Entertainment Centre on Croft Street in Lincoln LN2 5AZ…and thenContinue Reading

‘Tis the season to be jolly’ as the song goes and let’s hope our games over the Christmas period have that effect on us. Whilst we’ve been willing the team to stop a run of defeats to lift the mood a bit a lot of us have had extra reasonContinue Reading

The RICT are delighted to announce our charity partner for 2022. To maintain our links with the community, the Sincil Food Bank project have kindly accepted our invitation and we are delighted to co-operate with them for the upcoming year on their work.Continue Reading

While I helped out behind the scenes at the Lincoln City Women FC match last Sunday and thoroughly enjoyed their FA Cup fightback victory, all the time in the back of my mind was the disappointing Imps exit 24 hours earlier. It’s certainly a testing time at the moment (IContinue Reading

There is evidence that City fans did just that until 1929. And why not? The tramlines ran up and down the High Street from St Benedict’s Square to the depot in Bracebridge and one came along every few minutes. See photo of a tram clearly advertising a match at SincilContinue Reading

This week I take you on a whistle stop tour of all things Red Imps Community Trust. As a fan’s organisation that has representation on the club board, owns a large number of shares, and now has over 6000 members it’s only right we work intelligently and work hard. It’sContinue Reading

The board of the Red Imps Community Trust have reluctantly accepted the resignation of Peter Doyle who steps down from the Chair’s role for personal reasons. We would like to thank Peter for his hard work on the Trust Board and of course for his previous commitment as elected TrustContinue Reading