In 2000, the government set up Supporters Direct, an umbrella organisation assisting Supporters’ Trusts, such as ours. It produced a model constitution, designed to ensure that Trusts operate in a democratic, transparent and accountable manner. Our constitution follows that model.

We hold Annual General Meetings, normally in August. At those meetings, the members of our Trust elect a Board of Directors, comprising at least nine (but not more than twelve) people.  The directors normally meet online at 7pm on the second Wednesday of each month, to co-ordinate our Trust’s day-to-day activities. Any member of our Trust can use the “Contact” tab on our website to request permission to attend Board Meetings as an observer. Directors also fill various roles around the stadium (including at our Trust’s marquee in the Fan Village) on home matchdays, as well as at other events. Please feel free to chat with any of our directors at any time about any topic. They normally serve for a term of three years, but can seek re-election when that term expires.

Brief biographical details are given below of our current directors. They have two characteristics in common. First, a passion for Lincoln City FC. Secondly, a willingness to work actively for the Trust on a voluntary basis: there are no passengers. Their backgrounds, experience and particular interests are however very diverse. Collectively, they combine to form a very effective team. If you would like to join the team, especially if you have experience or interests that enable you to fill any gaps in the services that we provide, please seek election at the next AGM: nomination forms will be circulated beforehand.

Chris Baldam

Since being formed in 1954, Lincoln & District Football Supporters Club raised well over £1.6 million through a variety of events, including weekly bingo sessions. My father, Brian, served as its organiser from 1965 for over 50 years. Naturally, as I was a member of the next generation, he persuaded me to get involved, when my career as a bank manager allowed. The Trust came into being in 2000 and gradually collaboration grew between the two organisations. I joined the Trust’s Board in 2019 and the two bodies are now united. I take particular pride in seeing the fans voting for the Player of the Season Awards: that is something that the Supporters Club first arranged in 1970 – it is extremely satisfying to witness due respect being given to such long-standing traditions.

Jonathan Battersby
I have a very strong emotional attachment to Lincoln City, having supported the club since first being taken to a game by my dad when I was a youngster in 1973. In my spare time (when not running a bakery business in Dorset), I run the Lincoln City Banter Facebook site, which has now grown to just short of 15,000 mostly active members, of which I am one of the Admins. I’ve also been involved with the club’s Supporters Board since its inception a few years ago and I was co-opted onto the Trust Board in 2023.

Rob Bradley

I was instrumental in setting up our Trust, as summarised under the “History” tab on our website, becoming its first person to chair its Board. At that time, I was the Trust’s representative on the club’s Board of Directors, of which I was also the Chair, as well as being the Vice Chair of Supporters Direct. Since those early days, I’ve been involved with the Trust, on and off. Since 2020, I’ve represented it once again on the Club’s Board of Directors, together with that of the club’s holding company. I was also honoured to be re-appointed as the Trust’s Chair in 2022. The good governance of the organisation is my main focus, along with establishing and fulfilling appropriate strategies. I particularly enjoy interacting with Imps fans. By profession, I am an architect, now semi-retired.

Gavin Gordon

I signed for the Imps as a player in 1997, scoring 32 goals in just over 100 appearances. In 2000, I was sold for what was then the highest transfer fee ever received by the club. In all the subsequent years, it has only been exceeded on one occasion. During my time at Sincil Bank, we were promoted from League Two to League One, which were then known as the Third and Second Divisions. My playing career having come to an end, I now work as a postman for Royal Mail. I joined the committee of Lincoln City’s Former Players Association in 2018 and am now its Chairman. The FPA does not merely enable former players to meet socially amongst themselves: its members reach out to fans on matchdays and participate in many other events to help the wider community. I was co-opted onto the Trust Board in 2022. My aim is to ensure that the FPA and the Trust continue to work together as closely as possible in future, for the benefit of all concerned.

Kirsty Hackney

The primary objective of the Trust is to strengthen the bond between the Club and its supporters. I am an active member of L.I.S.A., the Lady Imps Supporters Association, which I help with its social media communications. A secondary purpose of the Trust is to strengthen the relationship with the communities served by the Club. I particularly enjoy playing a part in harnessing its power, together with that of its fans, to benefit the different charity partners chosen by the Trust each year. I work as a carer and I became a Trust Board Member in 2022.

Mark Hodds

I joined the Trust’s Board in 2022. I am currently employed as a Production and Materials Planner, working for The Silverspoon Company. I first went to watch the Imps in 1987 (with my dad and brother, Alan and Paul) and have followed them ever since, going to many away grounds in the process and seeing the whole Sincil Bank ground redeveloped to what it is today. I am involved at the Trust to help raise funds and organise events. I am also currently treasurer at Hykeham Bowls Club.

Ian Hodgson

I joined the Trust’s Board in 2016, becoming Membership Secretary in 2020. Even though I am an exiled season ticket holder, now living near Middlesbrough, you will normally find me at the LNER Stadium on matchdays, interacting with fellow supporters in the Fan Village, behind the Rilmac Stand. I’m a retired biochemist, having worked for 30 years in the pharmaceutical industry.



Rick Lalka

I came on to the Trust Board in 2021. I am a mature student. In recent years, there have been massive changes to the ways in which information is conveyed. I oversee the Trust’s social media communications, including its YouTube output. The demographic profile of users varies from platform to platform: since I became involved, the number of people following the Trust on Twitter has been built up to well over 1,000, with more than 500 on Facebook and in excess of 100 on Instagram.

Lincoln City Foundation

The Foundation is a registered charity whose mission is to work with the Club and key partners to inspire, empower and help individuals and communities to improve their physical, social and mental wellbeing. More details can be found at about its key priority areas of work relating to:-

  • education & employability;
  • sport & physical activity;
  • health & mental wellbeing;
  • inclusion & community cohesion.

Established in 2008 and previously known both as Lincoln City FC Sport & Education Trust and Lincoln City Football in the Community, the Foundation now employs about 30 members of staff. It was co-opted onto the Trust Board in 2023, where it will be represented by either Chief Executive Officer Martin Hickerton or Director of Quality & Development Alex Bavin or Head of Healthier Communities Alex Carter or Community Manager Kate O’Reilly.

Stewart Millar

I joined the Trust’s board in 2022. I am the owner of Tension Twisted Realities which is the main sponsor of the Trust.
My venue hosts the Trust’s monthly Bingo night and other events.
We have been a partner of Lincoln City Football Club, and their Foundation for the last 6 years doing many events for them with our Virtual Reality equipment. Including  the Lincolnshire Show, Youth Clubs, Christmas Parties, Fan Village, to name just a few and have had lots of the clubs players come to our venue to do our Escape Rooms.

Mandi Slater

My main work for the Trust involves running its Gold Membership scheme, undertaking all the administrative tasks involved in booking boardroom visits, organising meetings, etc. I’ve represented the Trust’s Gold Members as a director on the Club Board (which has appointed me as its champion for equality, diversity and inclusion) since being elected on to the Trust Board in 2019. I was involved in the review of the Trust’s constitution relating to the governance of the Gold Membership scheme and I helped to develop the Stacey West Investment Bond, as well as working on the #MyCityMyShirt project. I became the Interim Vice Chair of the Trust since October 2021, before being formally appointed as its Vice Chair in 2022. I’m a finance director for an IT consultancy.

Steve Tointon

I joined the Trust’s Board in 2015. I was the Trust’s Chair for two years and also represented its Gold Members as a director on the Club Board. I’m a retired chartered accountant and am currently the Trust’s Treasurer, also having served on the Working Group that organised the Stacey West Investment Bond. I’m currently a director of the both the club and its holding company in my own right.


The Trust Board now consists of the following:

Rob Bradley (Chair) (Supporters Trust LCFC Director)

Steve Tointon (Treasurer)

Amanda Slater (Gold Members LCFC Director / Vice Chair)

Ian Hodgson (Membership Secretary)

Gavin Gordon (FPA Representative)

Chris Baldam

Richard Lalka

Stewart Millar

Kirsty Hackney

Mark Hodds

Jonathan Battersby

David Milling

Andy Porter (Minutes Secretary)

S Freestone (Company Secretary)

Updated 29 June 2023