Courtesy of Lincolnshire Echo

The Red Imps Community Trust constantly look to be well run. We regularly carry out examinations of what our aims are and how we achieve them. Having been involved in a few organisations over the years it’s clear this is a worthwhile exercise. In sport or business, or indeed in a sporting business, it’s daft working hard on things that aren’t effective when you can take a step back, reconsider, and change tack a little bit.
We continue to work hard for our members, the fans, and on top of that at the moment we’re assessing our overall strategies, our background constitution, and the skills our board members possess. As I say, all this is worth doing at any time, but the advent of the Fan Led Review makes such analysis even more important.
One area we are concentrating on is future planning. The Trust is pretty well set in terms of board members and elected representatives on the LCFC boards of directors, but if some new people are knocking on the door at Trust Towers wanting to get involved then so much the better.
There’s some hugely talented people who, away from the day job, watch Lincoln City. Some of those skills could be an asset to the club if you think you could be one of the two Trust people sitting on the boards at the LNER stadium. The main thing though is that being a fan is the main priority. At board meetings I’ve often been asked ‘what do you think the supporters will say Rob?’ when an initiative is being mulled over. 
Please come forward if you think you could represent Red Imps Community Trust members as an Imps director. You’ll get advice and training and without a shadow of a doubt you’ll be made to feel very welcome by Clive and his colleagues. They are a fantastic bunch and you’d really enjoy it.
Current reps, myself and Mandi Slater, have a bit to go before any election takes place but I certainly wouldn’t cling on if enthusiastic and talented people join the Trust and wish to put up for the role. 
Lincoln City is a community club and the most important people there are the supporters. That’s why they are invited onto the board. Think about it…it could be you.