Courtesy of the Lincolnshire Echo

The Trust stand in the Fan Village at home games looks to add to the entertainment provided for Imps fans. One of the things we do is sell new books with Imps connections, and we’ve been delighted to market Sally Mears’ biography of Colin Murphy.
Last Saturday a fan, of circa middle-age vintage, looked at the book and said ‘This looks good but who’s Colin Murphy?’.
That same day a regular occupant of the boardroom expressed surprise that four young casually-dressed Morecambe fans were in there enjoying a meal and other hospitality. They were in fact invited in once it was known that no away directors or senior staff were attending the game. A nice gesture.
It just goes to show that all of us, or any of us, who are mad keen supporters don’t always know everything about our club. It’s quite acceptable not to.
The Trust represents our 5500+ members on the boards at Lincoln City. Our job is to help the club to engage with our supporters and keep them as informed as possible. It’s not easy though because there’s so much to know.
For example I think it’s important that fans know, and appreciate, that a small number of people invest in the club every year to top up season-ticket, commercial, TV related, and other income. It would be great for people to be more aware of the work our Academy and our Foundation undertake. The Stacey West development, the Former Players Association, the Shadow Board, LISA, the Trust itself – you name it, there’s a lot to our club and a lot to take in.
Of course it’s not compulsory that if you wear a red and white scarf you should familiarise yourself with every nuance of the club you so avidly follow. We don’t hold exams or anything. The point is though that there’s a lot of people who are delighted to fill you in (in a nice way) if you come along and ask. Getting back to the Fan Village that’s one of the things the Trust is there for, to inform you about Lincoln City matters.
Also last Saturday I was asked if the youngsters guesting in the Stacey West Stand were there for free. Guess what..I didn’t know. It was of course a really good marketing initiative and worked really well. And they found out a bit more about Lincoln City. The more we know, whether new fans or long-term ones, the more we are part of the club, and that’s got to be good.