The play-off final defeat was disappointing but, once the dust had settled, most fans will have classed season 20-21 as a real success.

Excellent progress has been made on the playing side, being in League One is no bad thing at all after years spent at a much lower level, and the club generally is doing fine work.

 The Red Imps Community Trust recognises of course all of these but a little bit of our focus has now turned to our supporters and what they’ve had to face.

 It’s been a season like no other when it comes to following our club. Amongst all the other very serious challenges we’ve faced the chance to attend games, meet our footballing friends, and see first-hand those magnificent Imps players has been denied us.

 Consequently, the Trust felt it would be good to ask people to send in their nominations for RICT Fan of the Year 20-21. 

 This isn’t a contest to seek out the person who has shown the most commitment in supporting our club. It’s not a competition to see who’s more of a fan than other supporters. Rather it’s an opportunity to hear about people who’ve really helped other people or maybe had an especially bad time themselves but kept the Imps faith through thick and thin. 

 We’ll look at every entry, put together a short-list, and involve people at the club in deciding who gets the accolade.

 If you want to let us have the details of someone you think deserves this recognition send us the information to

 In the football business there’s no time to rest and the day after Wembley work starts in preparing for season 21-22. The Red Imps Community Trust is no different and we’ve got some big stuff lined up that we’ll announce soon. 

 As described in recent club announcements everyone who takes up season ticket and MyImps memberships becomes a Trust member unless they specifically decide think it’s not for them. It’s great to get this backing by the club and our service to members needs to match this commitment. And it will. 

 Watch out therefore for news of our Fan of the Season 20-21 and everything else we’re doing over the close season. We’re here for you, Imps fans, and especially so when we can all meet up back at the LNER stadium. Bring it on. 

Reproduced here by kind permission of the Lincolnshire Echo