The Red Imps Community Trust has, as you may already know, an on-line fans’ museum ( which is getting more and more popular. Exhibits are traditional – programmes, shirts, that sort of thing – or a bit different – a lethal-looking wooden rattle from the 1950s, a gift from Malaysian royalty, and so on. We’re nearing 200 items on there all kindly contributed by Imps supporters.

Supporters are clearly keen to donate stuff and so it’s come to pass the Trust have also amassed a lot of LIncoln City programmes. Some of these are ‘collectable’ so we display them at our stand in the Fan Village. More and more people visit the stand in the search for editions they need giving the Trust a donation towards our running costs if they’ve found what they want. 

Programmes as keepsakes can be deeply uninteresting to some fans but hugely significant to others. For example a game from long ago when someone was a mascot or another when a person first went with their dad can be treasured mementos years later. We’re now building up a catalogue of the ones we’ve got to ease the search for people when they visit us before a game. 

Whilst compiling the virtual museum we’ve spoken with the club about a physical one at the stadium. The jury is still out on that but it might be that there are more imaginative ways of having the some of the club’s history available for fans to see. 

I know staff at the club would like to build up an archive of Lincoln City material and the Trust are keen to help. Making the match-day experience as entertaining as possible is clearly in everyone’s interests. Having professionally prepared displays on available wall space in public areas is one way of adding to the enjoyment while you’re having a beer or burger. 

For example we have examples of programmes for nearly every season since 1950 so a wall-mounted photographic collage of all the different styles over the years would be a good record and an attractive feature too.

This is all up for discussion but it’s clear our modest venture into the club’s history with a few on-line oddities is growing in volume and branching out in other ways. The main thing is that we want to know what fans want to see so don’t be shy at letting us know. The current situation at our club is what fascinates us all but the Imps history is important too and we all enjoying delving into it.