Courtesy of the Lincolnshire Echo

As the Trust members’ rep on the LCFC board of directors and also an active Trust board member I’m really keen to step down. So are a lot of my RICT colleagues. See later.

 Now that being a part of the Trust is included in all the Imps club membership schemes we’ve got huge number of fans on our books. We’re working very hard to make sure that being associated with us has value and that we can help, inform, and entertain. The majority of supporters in the LNER stadium in our first two home games are in the Trust and we need to build on that so that they feel even more a part of the club than ever.

 So when I say I’m ready to stand aside it’s not a doom and gloom thing – it’s brilliant doing what we do – it’s because we want new faces to come on board during the 21-22 season and take RICT forward. Our role is to future-plan and I know my colleagues will be delighted to meet new people with new ideas and new energy.
 On the subject of meeting people, that happened with knobs on in the Fan Village last Saturday afternoon and on Tuesday night. The Trust have a stand in there and we enjoyed handing out freebie pin badges, Imptoons postcards, club fixture cards and posters, and generally promoting what we do.

 Of course this was all the more poignant because of last season where the ground was empty game after game. It was quite the opposite at those first two home fixtures and there was a real party atmosphere. 

 As well as our presence at games the Trust will now be able to put on events and provide a really tangible service. It’s been pretty much a virtual one for eighteen months so watch out for what we have planned. The main point of a Supporters’ Trust though is to listen and convey our members’ thoughts into the heart of the club and that’s what we’ll continue to do.

 I can’t finish without a mention about the club itself and the work done by club staff and contractors. The pitch is the best I’ve ever seen and the ground is a picture. The staff and contractors have worked their fingers to the bone and they deserve huge credit. All us fans whether in the Red Imps Community Trust or not, are very lucky people. The Trust is looking to match that commitment and success with our role at Lincoln City and you can be a part of that.