1. What do I need to think about before matchdays?
    • As soon as match tickets for an away game go on sale, Travel Section coach tickets for that game can also be bought from Lincoln City FC, either online or by email or by telephone or in person at the ticket office.
    • Make sure that you can get a match ticket before you buy a coach ticket: away fans cannot always buy tickets on matchdays from the home club.
    • A decision is made seven days before each game on the maximum number of coach tickets that can be sold, so that the requirements can be confirmed to the coach company. It will then provide coaches of the right size and the required number of drivers. When all available seats have been sold, coach tickets are taken off sale.
    • In exceptional circumstances, if you turn up hoping to be able to pay for a coach seat on a matchday, it must be understood that the availability of a seat cannot be guaranteed. If a seat is available, be prepared to pay in cash, as Travel Section personnel do not have facilities to accept card payments on matchdays.
    • Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied on coaches by an adult.
  2. What happens before we leave?
    • The arrangements outlined below might change, e.g. due to building work on the Stacey West Stand.
    • There are no pick-up points after leaving the stadium: routes taken out of Lincoln can be changed at the last minute, to avoid traffic congestion.
    • Coaches depart from the car park behind the Stacey West Stand, which can be accessed from both Cross Street and Sincil Bank.
    • Expect departure to be on time or even early, if everyone who has booked a ticket has arrived. Many passengers board the coach at least 30 minutes before the departure time.
    • Cars can be left at their owners’ risk at the Cross Street end of the car park behind the Stacey West Stand. It is essential that the Sincil Bank end of that car park should remain empty, so that coaches can enter it, turn round, pick up passengers and depart.
    • From one hour before the departure time, indoor accommodation (either in the Travis Perkins Executive Lounge or in the Travis Perkins Suite) is normally available while awaiting the arrival of the coaches. Use can be made of the toilets in those rooms. Tea/coffee, baps and butties, etc., will be on sale there.
    • Due to barriers and locked gates, the only access to the Travis Perkins Executive Lounge and the Travis Perkins Suite will be on foot from the Cross Street entrance to the stadium.
  3. What happens on the outbound journey?
    • Covid-19 restrictions applicable from time to time will be observed. Hand sanitiser is available on all coaches.
    • Passengers can take their own cold food and drink on board, although it is illegal to carry any alcohol.
    • No smoking or vaping is allowed on coaches.
    • There is a toilet on all coaches. On long trips, there will also be a comfort break at a service station. In the event of traffic delays, that break might be cancelled. There will be no break on shorter journeys.
    • Everyone who wants to enter a “Guess the Gate” competition pays £1. The person whose prediction is closest to the official matchday attendance wins 50% of money collected, with the other 50% going to the funds of the Travel Section.
    • On longer trips, there might also be a raffle or another competition, with 50% of the money collected being allocated as prize money and the other 50% going to the funds of the Travel Section.
    • The aim is to arrive at the away club’s ground about one hour before kick-off, but journey times cannot be predicted accurately.
    • Personal possessions can be left on the coach at the owners’ risk during the match: the coach will be locked when unattended.
  4. What happens on the return journey?
    • Passengers are responsible for returning to the coach straight after the final whistle: reasonable time will be allowed for them to do so, but police/stewards invariably instruct coach drivers to depart promptly.
    • Passengers should travel home in the same seats on the same coach as used for the outbound journey.
    • Passengers’ votes are recorded for the man-of-the-match. At the last home game of the season, the player with the most votes during the season receives an award from the Travel Section.
    • Coaches return non-stop, save for some very long journeys, where a comfort break at a service station might be allowed if drivers need to be swapped.
    • Drop-offs can be arranged at various points on the return to Lincoln, depending on the route taken, which is normally along either Newark Road or Carholme Road.
    • The final drop-off point is the car park behind the Stacey West Stand.