As current Chair of the Red Imps Community Trust I think I can confidently say that we have a Trust board and team of volunteers that are hard-working, skilled, and full of enthusiasm. What we do is extensive and without listing it all here is best summed up by our strapline ‘Supporting Our Fans Our Club Our Community’. We are ‘in a good place’ when it comes to our people, our policies, and our practices.

However whatever the achievements of an organisation…any organisation… and the quality of people running it, it is important that new people are attracted into it, to maintain its vibrancy and replenish the supply of new ideas and actions. With just shy of 6000 members we hope that out of that number some of you will see what our Trust does and its standing in Lincoln City Football Club and want to be a part of it.

 Consequently we’d invite you to get in touch if you think you might enjoy coming on board. Whether it’s to offer some voluntarily help or to actually join the board we’d be pleased to advise on what would be involved.

 Also, we have an Elected Supporter/Director position on the board of directors of the Football Club where that person makes a full contribution to its governance. Let us know if you feel you could fulfil this role too.

Please note that we can answer your questions, or you can ‘guest’ with us to see what’s involved, We can provide training and mentoring too so that you are equipped to enjoy whatever part you wish to play.

 Get in touch if you’d like to know more by and if you’d prefer to have an informal chat we’re always in the Fan Village every home game and would be delighted to see you.

 Best wishes

 Rob Bradley – Chair and Elected Supporter/Director