These are difficult times with prices rising and energy costs escalating. Whether you are in fine fettle or are finding things a little bit of a challenge, the Red Imps Community Trust wants to help in any way we can both in how you support the Imps and more broadly as we approach the winter months. The following details offer advice on savings you can make and other steps where we all work together to the benefit of others.


Our elected representatives – Rob Bradley and Mandi Slater – constantly contribute at Lincoln City board meetings in the debates about how Imps fans can be helped in how they support our fantastic club. Our excellent treasurer – Steve Tointon – who is a director in his own right also contributes to these discussions.  Of course, everyone at the LNER stadium on the boards of directors and amongst the staff care about the challenges facing our supporters and their families, but rest assured Trust members have representation on your behalf at the very heart of Lincoln City in these difficult days.


Why not leave the car outside the house and join the Red Imps Association Travel Section to watch the team away from home? It makes financial sense as well as being very enjoyable. Our recent fixture at Ipswich meant a round trip of approximately 300 miles. At a fuel cost of around 18p per mile this would mean you’d have spent in the region of £54 on petrol or diesel. Red Imps Travel charged £23 for the journey which is a very good saving of £31. All Red Imps Travel information for this season can be found on our website


This excellent club scheme, available for all Gold, Silver and Bronze LCFC members, entitles you a range of discounts at local cinemas, shops, restaurants, letting agencies, recreational centres, and more. In addition, Imps Rewards can provide savings and offers from national retailers when you install Savings Spotter via Google Chrome where Imps Reward benefits will be highlighted when available. Just click on the link in the Imps Rewards section of the official site for full details.


Our Red Imps Community Trust charity partner for 2022, the Sincil Foodbank, have received a huge number of contributions all year from our wonderful fans at our collection point at the Red Imps Community Trust stand in the University of Lincoln Fan Village. Your contributions are very very welcome. We may well have a new charity partner in 2023 as decided by Trust members, but there’s no way we can cease accepting donations for the Sincil Foodbank, so you know where to go if you’d like to help us help them this season and beyond into 2023.  


Our main sponsor – Tension Twisted Realities – offer 15% discount to all LCFC members/season ticket holders who of course are all members of the Red Imps Community Trust too. Simply confirm your membership with them and you can enjoy at a special rate the Tension Twisted Realities escape rooms, virtual reality experiences, hospitality, and everything else they offer at their Family Entertainment Centre on Croft Street in the eastern portion of Lincoln city centre.

Discount is available for Trust members at Active Arena football venue and sports bar on Moorland Way with 10% off pitch hire and children’s party hire over the months of November, December, January, and February.

Our neighbours Lincoln United FC at Ashby Avenue offer £1 off admission prices to their home games to Trust members on display of your club membership, applying when the Imps are playing away from home or don’t have a fixture.


The excellent Fans Player Scheme is a very good initiative for fans to stand a chance of winning prizes and receive some very good benefits. For an outlay of only £10 per season a monthly draw is held with a number of excellent prizes going to FPS members. In terms of making savings to your household budget the FPS have agreed that LCFC members/season ticket holders can gain some very good discounts with a huge range of local businesses including cafes, pubs, florists, shops, the Theatre Royal, leisure establishments, and many more. For full details of the Fans Player Scheme visit their Facebook page or click on the Fans Player Scheme on the official Lincoln City site


Lincoln City Football Club and Lincolnshire Co-operative have a longstanding and proud relationship of working together over many years as Imps fans will know. The Red Imps Community Trust was supported hugely by Lincolnshire Co-operative when it was established over 20 years ago, and we still share many of the same community principles. Becoming a Member of Lincolnshire Co-operative entitles you to some real benefits including:

Collecting and Spending Dividends:

Dividends are awarded each time you shop which can be used for all or part of your shopping at any time.

Member Exclusives:

Members can benefit from a wide range of exclusive offers, discounts, promotions, events, and competitions including with local businesses and attractions.

For all you need to know about becoming a Lincolnshire Co-operative member and the benefits this brings you go to


In partnership with The Bridge Church on Newark Road we now launch our exciting new 2022 PRESSIE PUSH. It’s terrible to think, when times are really hard, that some youngsters might get nothing on Christmas Day. We’re going to help with that by asking for and receiving toys, books, games; in fact, anything that will make a smile appear on a young face on Christmas morning. Please bring your donations – actual presents or cash for us to buy them – to our Red Imps Community Trust stand in the University of Lincoln Fan Village at Imps home games.


Lincoln City Foundation make a hugely positive commitment to the local community – here’s what they say about helping people who might be finding things hard:

‘Did you know? At the Lincoln City Foundation, we know this winter will be difficult – from the cost-of-living crisis to living alone. If you would like to come and spend some time with the Lincoln City Family, we would love to see you at our special weekly sessions on Wednesday mornings from 10 to 12pm in the Legends Lounge. Come along for activities, friendly faces, tea and biscuits.’

If you have any queries about any of the above please seek out any of our Red Imps Community Trust officials or contact us via our website and we’ll help as much as we possibly can.